Q: I don't know my ring size? What do I do?

A: You have a couple options here;

1. Purchase a ring sizer from our store. All sizers come with a coupon code for an extra 10% off your ring purchase. The sizer can be found here 

2. Believe it or not we recommend that you actually go to a local jeweler and see what fits best (take a look at how much of a ripoff their prices are while you're at it).

3. Follow our size chart guide found here.

4. Take a guess! We have free returns and size exchanges for 60 days! (this probably isn't the best method)

Q: Do you offer custom engraving?

A: As of right now, no, we do not. This is one of reasons we are able to keep such low prices. 


Q: Why buy tungsten over more traditional materials such as gold or platinum?

A:Tungsten has many pros over typical ring materials. 

-Tungsten is extremely scratch resistant material. 

-Ounce per ounce tungsten is far more affordable without sacrificing quality.

-While tungsten is typically a heavier metal, it can often be found in lighter variants making for a lighter more comfortable band in some. 

Q: Won't Tungsten get stuck on my hand if it's injured and swelling occurs?

A:This is a pretty common myth, however just the opposite is true. Unlike gold bands that will actually bend to fit your finger in the event of an accident, tungsten can be shattered. Although it is always recommended that any jewelry is safely removed as soon as possible to prevent further injury. 

Q: Are there any cons to Tungsten Carbide?

A:Unfortunately, yes. Like any material they can trigger specific allergies, most notably allergies to nickel. Another downfall is tungsten cannot be resized. Luckily Vision Bands offers free 60 day exchange for a new size.